Toyota Dealer Agreement

We and our associated companies, service providers, business partners and other third parties, including authorized distributors, may use a device identifier to manage, among other things, the Platforms; help diagnose problems with our servers; Analyze trends; track users` website movements over time and across different sites, platforms or other mobile services, online or offline; to identify you and your shopping cart and gather complete demographic information for aggregate use. Whether you`re in the city or across the country, use this feature to find the nearest Toyota dealer. If the facts are sufficient, a district judge can legally establish whether an agreement is covered by the PES. Triangle Underwriters, Inc. vs. Honeywell Inc., 604 F.2d 737, 742 (2d Cir. 1979). A contract is a contract for the “service” and not for the “sale” if “the service prevails” and the sale of items is “random”. Triangle, 604 F.2d to 742 (citation omitted). .