Rebate Agreement Condition Record Table

The compensation document (credit) uses the account key (ERB) to reserve deductions on the corresponding in-kind accounts. Different validity time: When we check this field, the validity of the delivery file may differ from the validity of the delivery contract. Start with the contract number. Check konP for all the terms of this agreement number. You can now get the S060 stats on KONP`s KNUMH field. Get KONA`s customer number. Since S060 is not broken down by invoice, you can use S136 to remove the registrations by billing station. Below the net worth of the item, we must place the types of discounts. As the amount of the rebate is calculated on a discount basis, while the types of discount conditions are introduced into the procedure for the “of” field, we specify the “no” of a discount base. Posted by DGirl on Jan 5 at 11:44 am Mark this response as helpfulMark as Thank you Warren and Vishal. Another question: what is the difference between the amount and the delimitation in the discount rates? Thank you. A discount agreement defines the details of the discount. In the agreement, there are a few .B.

Here`s what`s stated: Mike It was a masterpiece information. Thank you so much for all these valuable comments. As you said, the discount funcitonality is not activated in my client. Finally, I would like to make a little clarification. I must receive the amount of partial or total compensation. I saw the values be in the koNPD structure. Any idea of getting the data (amount paid, balance, etc.). The distribution agency must be relevant to the processing of rebates. The conditions for processing discounts in SAP SD are: In the pricing procedure just above the net value of the item, we give a sub-total base “discount base” by specifying the value “7” for the “sub-total” field that updates the discount base in the `KOMP` table and the `BONBA` field. Create the “partial discount compensation” (credit) billing document in reference to the “partial compensation requirement” using the “VF01” reservation code.

2. I should write an exit report based on discounts generated at the EAN level. I understand that SAP works at the MATNR level. Given the situation described above, is there a way to do that? Cash flow has been improved due to timely and accurate requests for rebates.

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