Agreement Accommodation

2. Notwithstanding the above, this special agreement prevails over these general terms of sale in cases where the hotel accepts a particular agreement, unless such a particular agreement is contrary to The laws of Japan or to generally established practices. (1) Check the evacuation card displayed at the door of each guest room to ensure your safety in the event of an emergency. (2) Do not allow anyone other than the clients you have indicated are using your accommodation. (3) Note that people under the age of 18 are not allowed to stay alone in Candeo hotels. In addition, refrain from acting on a disability judgment, drug use, alcohol, etc., which in turn endangers or endangers the safety of our other clients. (4) Please note that even if you stay longer at the hotel, this cannot be considered a legal residence. (5) If you are a member of CLUB CANDEO and you do not comply with the accommodation conditions, both in these and accommodation conditions, your affiliation will be revoked and you will no longer be able to use the services offered by Candeo Hotels. 10.1.

The client and the host declare that they have the authority to enter into this contract. 10.2. The customer has no right to recover the sums earned by the customer from the host against sums that may be due to the customer. 10.3. The host has the right to sub-contract or delegate its obligations under this Agreement. 10.4. The host is not liable to the customer or is considered a violation of these conditions because there are delays in the performance or non-compliance of its obligations when the delay or failure is due to a reason that is not subject to their proper control, such as concealment, lowering, electricity or other supply reductions, natural disasters , strikes, government actions, terrorism, war and unrest. 10.5.

Except in cases of fraud, these conditions constitute the whole agreement between the parties and bring together all previous marketing information, assurances or agreements, whether registered in writing or otherwise. 10.6.The parties agree that these conditions are fair and proportionate in all circumstances. However, if a provision of these conditions were not found to be valid by a competent court, but would be valid if part of the text were deleted, that provision would apply with the necessary deletions to their validity. If one of the provisions of these conditions is not declared valid, the other provisions of these conditions will remain fully in force. 10.7. These conditions are governed by Italian law and are interpreted accordingly. They agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian court in Florence. 10.8. If the host violates these terms and conditions and the host decides not to take action or to neglect them, the host is still entitled to take action and assert its rights and remedies for any other violations. 1. The breakdown and calculation of accommodation costs to be paid by guests, etc., are shown in Table 1.

Prior to the start date, the University will assign the premises to the residence to the residents. While the type of accommodation will be as stipulated in the details of the contract, the university retains absolute discretion over the exact location of the room assigned to the occupant.

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